Vietnam is always considered a promising land for the investment in the children’s education; for that reason, more and more foreigners have the opportunity to work and to teach foreign languages in Vietnam, especially English teachers or linguistic experts. That number has continued to grow over the past 20 years. Thanks to that development, many foreigners, especially Foreign Language Teachers, fall in love with our country and our people more and more. They want to settle down and work in this promising land. However, to do something in your own time, to do it at the speed you choose and to enjoy more privileges for foreigners, it seems that franchising to open a foreign language centre is considered a suitable option. During more than 8 years of establishment and development, especially the experience accumulated by our franchising team, Hanoi Connection – Saigon Connection introduces a franchise program for foreign partners all over the country who want to stay and develop their second homeland of Vietnam. Together we will find out whether Hanoi Connection – Saigon Connection is suitable or not.

1. Friendly Open-minded Culture

The brand name Hanoi Connection – Saigon Connection itself says it all. Initially, ours was the club helping foreigners to live and work in Vietnam. Saigon Connection team have formed an open culture, a culture of connection and friendliness. Over the long years of activity, there have been teachers and expats still in contact and connected with each other. That helps teachers and staffs feel that this is a dynamic and highly international environment.

2. Perfect and Complete Transfer of Methods, Tools, Support and Programs

With more than 20 establishments nationwide plus 4 years of operating in the franchise, Hanoi Connection has built up a professional process:

– Training Programs for Operations Manager – Director.

– Training program for HR

– Training program for teachers with our own method.


– A recognized brand name

– Site selection and site development assistance,

– Training for you and your management team,

– Research and development of new products and services,

– Headquarters and field support,

– Initial and continuing marketing and advertising.

3. Low Cost Investment with Early Payback and Continuing Support

In Vietnam, in order to operate well and stably, investors always need to balance their finances reasonably. Construction and operation cost of one English language centre will be estimated and calculated economically. This helps to prevent the investment budget from being too large compared to the self-investment.

4. Legal Assistance

With advisers and lawyers with international experience, doing business and investing become all favourable things for foreigners who are eager to help locals to be competent in English language and improve their income in Vietnam.

5. Targeting the training quality for learners

In addition to all that is given above, Hanoi Connection – Saigon Connection is still most concerned with the quality of the training. Targeting high-achieving students is still the top goal in our long-term vision and mission.

And with what is listed above, the franchise with Hanoi Connection – Saigon Connection looks attractive. Hopefully the opportunity that Hanoi Connection – Saigon Connection brings will be a new choice for a new better start that many foreigners are expecting.

To become our official partner, please contact us immediately for more details as well as the process of joining the system.

– Hotline: 1900 63 30 63 (Number 4) or Mr Minh: 0904 22 39 34


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